Kim is the Founder and Managing Director of THE Agency.

Embarking on a career in recruitment over thirty five years ago, Kim is highly experienced and knowledgeable about the recruitment industry.
A veritable source of wisdom and cool, calm and practical advice and guidance for our Clients and Candidates, Kim has a well-earned reputation as a committed and reliable professional, finding the right balance between pragmatism and warmth in her day-to-day working life.

Having set up THE Agency in 2006, Kim wanted to create and nurture a recruitment agency with a difference, and she’s done just that.
THE Agency, following Kim’s own life ethos, puts people at the heart of everything.
Speaking to Kim, it’s clear how passionate she is about her business, and her dedication and dependably high standards are what set her and her business apart.
Kim loves what she does, and she speaks enthusiastically about the day-to-day variety that recruitment brings. “I know it’s a cliché, but no two days are the same.
I have many long-standing relationships with both Clients and Candidates, and I feel blessed that I work in such a rewarding job”, says Kim. “My team are hugely instrumental in our ongoing success, and bring a great dynamic, an array of wonderful skills and above all we have laughter, lots of laughter – the key ingredient in any demanding workplace – and lots of cake too!”

Working with Kim…

In the office, Kim is best known for her kindness, open office windows even in mid-winter, and her insatiable sweet tooth. Often, this can lead to her bringing in cream buns, cakes and other sugary delights and naughtiness, tempting all of us into breaks away from our otherwise steadfastly healthy eating habits(!)
Kim has an innate and magical ability to bring out the best in people.
Working with her, we all know we can bring anything to her and be met with an open mind or a listening ear.
Her unfailing kindness and generosity are a very special part of what makes Kim unique.
She cares deeply about the people in her life, and they in turn care very much about her.

Quick Q&A with Kim…

– What are you known for amongst friends and family?
My ‘there’s a solution to everything’ outlook and being a cup half full kinda girl.

– Sum yourself up in eight words or less…
Focused, driven, passionate, hardworking, fun, dedicated, compassionate, kind.

– What’s your perfect day?
Being with family and/or friends, relaxing, laughing and eating. Christmas day is my perfect day.

– Tell me about somebody who inspires you?
My mum. A true lady, and a very strong lady. She had many challenges in her life but always fought hard, even at the end of her life. She remained positive, dignified, and she made me laugh.

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