Max is THE Agency Mascot.

Born early New Years Eve 2018, Max is the youngest member of our team, taking on the important role of THE Agency Mascot.

Known amongst his nearest and dearest as a veritable sock thief, Max delights in stealing, hiding, chewing and collecting socks he finds from around the house.
He’s also partial to treats (don’t say the t-word unless you’re prepared with some in your pocket!) and belly rubs.

Quick Q&A with Max…

– What’s your favourite book?
I love anything about Winnie the Cocka-Pooh

– You’re the latest addition to a colouring box, what colour are you and why?
I like to think outside of the box (you cannot contain me!)

– The most important thing a person can be is…
Kind, generous, and not afraid to get mucky

– Tell me something you’re proud of…
Did they tell you about my sock pile?

– Tell me about somebody who inspires you…
My Pops. Even if I wasn’t ankle height, I would still look up to him.

– What’s a good motto to live by?
Live as if somebody left the gate open!!

Max Stoakes

THE People

Founder & Managing Director
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Branch Administrator
Business Development Executive
Finance Assistant
Mascot In Chief