Bev is THE Agency’s Senior Recruitment Consultant

Bev and Kim have known one another over twenty years, when they worked together at another local agency – elite personnel services that Kim founded and built to be very successful with Bev’s hard work, passion and dedication.

Rekindling their business relationship in 2019, it was without doubt a wonderful addition to THE Agency team, having Bev join us, bringing not only over 20 years recruitment expertise, but also many years working within business development, account management, HR and compliance.

Bev is a very proud mother of two beautiful girls who are without doubt high achievers, and are working towards careers in the legal and possibly accountancy sectors.! Bev’s daughters are also very accomplished, with her eldest daughter being a competitive swimmer at county and regional level, and a budding and talented artist in her youngest. Bev loves spending quality time with her husband, daughters, house rabbit and their adorable dog – Oscar..

Working with Bev….

There’s’ never a dull moment when Bev is in the office!

Most often Bev can be seen or heard laughing and engaging in heartfelt conversations with both clients and candidates where she throws her heart and soul in to every situation. A great sense of humour that has to be one of the key ingredients of working in the recruitment sector, Bev is super supportive to the team and everyone who requires her assistance and time. She is a very hard worker who can get through a million things in a day and never comes up for air, unless she puts the kettle on or reaches to her drawer for some cheeky snacks to fuel her through her busy day!

Being very kind and considerate comes naturally to Bev who has a heart of gold and would do anything to help – her natural leaning towards nurturing is apparent every day and her compassion and empathy is endless.

Quick Q&A with Bev

  • What’s your favourite thing about working at THE Agency? –

The Team Work and supportive atmosphere = we are all in this together culture!

  • What’s a good motto /some words of inspiration to live by?

We are all equal! We all come into this world the same way and we will all leave the same way – no one is more important that anyone else. Live life with kindness and dignity

  • What cocktail would you be and why?

This one is easy – a Pina Colada – its sweet, tasty and ever so refreshing!

  • What would you call your autobiography?

Ha! One hell of a ride! (Just in case you don’t know, Bev used to own her own driving school!)…

  • If you were a colour – what would you be?

Cerise! Bold and bright and always brings a happy vibe!

  • Tell me about someone who inspires you?

Both my daughters – they are both super driven and very determined to succeed in life! I’m super proud!

Bev Evered FREC

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Founder & Managing Director
Senior Recruitment Consultant
Branch Administrator
Business Development Executive
Finance Assistant
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