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Managing Stress at Work

Stressful events and heavy workloads are often the most widely accepted causes of stress, but people may develop symptoms of stress from experiencing uncertainty or discrimination, abuse or hate of some kind. If you are the type of person that likes to be in control, experiences where you feel a loss of control.

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The Gender Pay Gap

Having a gender pay gap, particularly if its significantly higher than the national median average of 15.4% (2021), will cause damage to organisations. Not only can it damage consumer and customer confidence, but it can make it much harder to attract the most talented people to your organisation.

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Motivations for work

The world of work is changing and at a rapid rate and keeping up with it is getting increasingly tricky. We’ve been looking into how work, as we know it, has shifted and what motivates people to work, to see if this helps us understand why people do or don’t apply for jobs.

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