Working from home

With all the new safety measures in place helping many of us to now work from home, you may now be navigating new territory – how to effectively work from home. 

While there are many obvious benefits to this, such as being able to get things done in the comfort of your favourite pyjamas and slippers, it can also be quite difficult to remain focused and productive when you’re in your own home. Surrounded by your usual comforts, many may struggle to get as much done as they would in an office setting, so we thought you might appreciate some tips for effective working at home. 

Creating a sensible work space 

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a designated office space in their home, so for many of us, it’s about making the best of what we have. Ideally, your office space will be relatively uncluttered, quiet and comfortable. Make sure that your space is well-lit, and that you have a supportive chair to sit in – we wouldn’t recommend working from your sofa, as you may find it harder to concentrate, and need to be sitting somewhere where your back is properly supported, and your computer/laptop at the appropriate height. 

Breaking down your day 

You might find that your working hours need to be tweaked slightly. With the new government guidelines, people need to stay home where possible, but it is also important that you take care of your mental and emotional well-being. In-keeping with government guidelines, you are able to go outside to exercise. We would recommend that you do this in the daylight, if you are able. Not only will this help you to fight COVID-19 (which dies in the sunlight) but it may also help to re-focus you when you do sit back down to work again. Research has shown that sitting solidly staring at a screen all day is unhealthy, and you’re more likely to be productive if you take little breaks.  

Eating sensibly 

Having access to your kitchen cupboards can be too much temptation for some! If you can discipline yourself to eat healthily, you help your brain to focus on the tasks at hand. Schedule in breaks for refreshment as you would a normal day at work. 

One day at a time 

As ever, we hope that you are keeping yourselves safe, and in so doing, keeping those around you safe too.