What Is A Nana Nap?

There is lots of talk this week on the subject of the future of work and how it will look going forward. The health and well-being of our workforce has never being more of a priority with the ability in some industries to Work From Home or take the Hybrid alternative, whereas other industries can’t offer either of those options and kept the world running through the pandemic.
The latest research suggests that to support our brains a short daytime “Nana Nap” could help preserve brain volume, improve people’s ability to learn and potentially dementia prevention. There is evidence that the brain benefits of a brief nap of only 5 to 15 minutes can last up to 3 hours. The most popular time to Nana Nap was post lunch, where a dip is usually noticed in alertness and performance. Post Nana Nap the benefits arise immediately and cognitive performance benefits,
So does the future hold Nana Nap rooms in the workplace, increased breaks to allow for a Nana Nap whilst working from home?
If a Nana Nap helps the fight against Dementia then The Agency is keen to hear more.
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