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Hi I’m Kirsty from Yin Yoga & Menopause and I’m absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with Kim and her amazing team from THE Agency on a new ‘Menopause Hub’.

As a woman who’s lived through peri-menopause and currently going through menopause, I know only too well the huge impact it can have on our lives and that of our partners and family.

Having worked in large corporate HR functions as Head of HR Services for the last 25 years, I decided to take early retirement in April 2023 along with my husband, it had been part of our life plan to have the option to retire in our mid 50’s and I feel very blessed that we actually got to make it happen – if only for 6 months!!

Initially we spent the first 6 weeks travelling around Greece and Spain, during the summer I started attending Yoga classes and loved them and how they made me feel, I have always been very active at the gym as well as walking and running but the benefits of Yoga help to balance the other activities.

I enjoyed the yoga so much I thought – why don’t I look into it and see if it’s something I can train in and become a yoga teacher……

I found quite by chance a Yin Yoga course that started 2 days later!! And so from early October 2023, my love of Yin yoga started to grow and I started teaching my first classes at my local Yoga studio and Yin Yoga & Menopause was born!

As a women going through menopause I saw and felt huge benefits of this gentle yet effective form of Yoga, helping manage stress, improving flexibility, building strength, improve sleep quality, alleviate muscle tension and mindfulness – helping manage the emotional and physical aspects of menopause. It was at that point I started to think more about the menopause side, I wanted to help educate women and men on all things menopause. 


So, in January this year I signed up to Menopause Experts Group (MEG) and completed their in-house menopause training and I’m delighted that as at the end of February I became a licensed MenopauseExpert Champion which combined with my 25 years in Corporate HR means that I’m now on a mission to support businesses in becoming Menopause friendly through;

  • creating specific menopause policies and awareness plans
  • offering training and education to leaders to support their teams
  • education on menopause for all employees
  • group workshops and 121 coaching

alongside offering workplace yoga sessions as part of a wider employee well-being initiative, to help businesses to create a safe, inclusive culture removing the stigma of menopause.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the UK workforce and currently 1 in 4 women consider leaving their jobs due to menopausal symptoms, because in many workplaces it remains a silent/taboo issue. Women and people in the workforce need to feel fully supported to allow them to continue to thrive, contribute and not only flourish but help to grow the business.

Investing in menopause training and support can help recruitment, retention and engagement by:

  • Empowering employees – so they can confidently ask for help and thrive at work 
  • Educating leaders & managers – so they can understand symptoms and offer the right support. 
  • Creates a positive & inclusive culture – Everyone feels valued and seen

To find out more about becoming a ‘Menopause Friendly Business’ please email XXXXXX or call 07878 639591

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