Temporary Worker of the Year 2019: Nominations are open!

We’re now taking nominations for the illustrious title of “Temporary Worker of the Year 2019”!

This is an exciting time for us, because it gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all of our temporary workers. We know that all of our temporary workers are special, it’s not easy to single one out from the flock of fantastic people we have working for us.

That’s where you come in. We’d like you to give us a helping hand in the decision making process.

We’re asking our wonderful temporary workers and clients to nominate the person that they think should be Temporary Worker of the Year.

Is there someone that’s really stood out to you as being extra special this year? Someone that always goes the extra mile in what they do or simply someone who’s always got a positive can-do attitude and a smile on their face that brightens up the whole office?

We’d love for you to spread the joy and tell us about them and why they’re so great.

This year, the Temporary Worker of the Year will receive £150 worth of prizes as a token of appreciation from us to them to thank them for the hard work that they do.

So.. how do you nominate someone?

Please download the Temporary worker of the year 2019 pro forma (at the bottom of this post), and once you’ve filled in all the particulars, send your nomination to Amy: amycalvert@theagency.org.uk

Nomination entries are accepted until Monday March 25th at 12:00pm, so make sure you have sent yours across in time! We will announce the winner on Monday 8th April 2019.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only people who are temporary workers at the time of nomination will be considered.
  • Temporary workers must be through our organisation.