Temporary Worker of the Year 2019 is announced!

Earlier this year, we announced that we were beginning to think about who amongst our talented and brilliant temporary workers would be awarded with the title of Temporary Worker of the Year 2019, and we got a great response from our Clients.

At THE Agency, we work hard to ensure that we have a strong set of temporary workers who are skilled and dedicated. Picking out just one person was never going to be an easy task, and what became immediately apparent when the nominations came rolling in was that the decision as to who would be Temporary Worker of the Year 2019 was going to be a tough one.

The glowing reviews that we received about our temporary workers were really great to read through, underlining how happy our Clients are with the calibre of Candidates we put forward. So – first of all – thank you to our Clients for taking the time to share your thoughts!

This year, we’ve done things a little differently, and we’re presenting two of our temporary workers with the award, meaning that two temporary workers will receive prizes worth £150 each, by way of recognition and appreciation for their continued hard work in their respective placements.

Why have we chosen to award two of our temporary workers this year? It’s really important to us that our temporary workers’ efforts are recognised, and these two ladies really stand out as wonderful examples of what THE Agency is all about: wonderfully kind and friendly workers with brilliant work ethics, reliable, keen to learn, proactive and unafraid to get stuck in.

So, without further ado, huge congratulations to Mandy Marshall and Tracy Butterworth!

Read on to find out why these temporary workers are our Temporary Worker of the Year 2019 winners!

Mandy Marshall

Mandy (middle) with two of her nominators, Deborah (left) and Lauren (right)

Nominations came from all directions for Mandy, and it came as no surprise to us, as she’s such an asset to our business. “Mandy is committed, hardworking and phenomenally positive” said Kim. “Her nurturing and positive personality means she’s very popular amongst her colleagues, and she’s unfailingly happy and kind.”

Mandy has been working for one of our prestigious Clients for over a year now, and she has been praised across the board by her colleagues as a quick learner who is proactive and reliable, a highly proficient multitasker.

Mandy “uplift[s] the team around her” says Deborah, “I would love for Mandy to be recognised because it isn’t often you come across this level of commitment, and it’s an amazing quality to have”.

A prevailing theme in the nominations for Mandy is her fantastic dedication and focus. She “takes such pride in her work” adds Lauren, praising Mandy’s willingness to learn, her knowledge and how she shares this with others. “I am so proud! She is an asset to herself, THE Agency and us and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving for the Temporary Worker of the Year 2019. Thank you Mandy – you really are a star!”

Tracy Butterworth

Tracy (left) with her nominator, Laura (right)

Nearing two years as a temporary worker for another of our Clients, Tracy is highly regarded as a kind, caring and friendly person. “She is wonderfully reliable, dedicated and knowledgeable and a fantastic team player”, says Kim.

Tracy’s contract has been extended twice during her time with our Client, demonstrating the contribution and value that she adds to their team and to the business. Helping to implement exciting new systems and processes, Tracy has taken on challenging and meaningful work with enthusiasm and dedication “present[ing] to, train[ing] and resolv[ing] complex queries for some senior stakeholders across the business” says Laura, Tracy’s Line Manager. “Tracy does this with the professionalism, passion and tenacity that we would expect from a more senior and permanent member of the team”, consistently demonstrating the businesses’ ethos and values.

“Tracy is an absolute asset to the team” continues Laura. Her passion and enthusiasm set her apart from her peers, and she’s extremely proactive when it comes to finding the information she needs to get the job done. She actively contributes to group discussion, and her insights are valid and positive.

We’re pleased that Tracy’s hard work and efforts have been recognised by others too. She’s fabulous!

Thank you

So, congratulations to Mandy and Tracy! We’re really proud of both of you, very worthy winners indeed.

All that’s left for us to do is to thank all of our wonderful temporary workers for their continued efforts and dedication to their positions, and to our Clients who so kindly sent through thoughtful nominations.

It’s lovely being able to celebrate our temporary workers in this way, and to hear the wonderful things that our Clients have to say about them too.