Jo is the Office Manager at THE Agency.

She’s been here since 2012, filling the office with her signature cheeky smile and laughter, all black outfits, weirdly particular food tastes and amazing work ethic. As Kim says, “she’s a keeper!”

Jo previously worked as a Product Manager within a Marketing Team for an interiors business, and prior to that worked in a local travel agents.
Jo brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge and unparalleled Excel skills (she’s our resident spreadsheet expert).
She is very precise and detail oriented in her work, and she’s also somebody our temporary workers liaise with regularly – lucky things! – when they’re in need of support or assistance, which Jo can always be relied upon to provide.
Jo looks after our temporary division and assists Kim by managing some of our key account Clients. Jo is also a whizz with all things marketing and design, and looks after our company branding, amongst other duties.

Working with Jo…

We love having Jo in the office.
Known amongst her friends and family as “the funny one”, Jo’s fantastic sense of humour leaves us all giggling.
She’s cheeky and wonderful, and quirky in all the right ways.
Jo celebrates Christmas in February, she’s full of facts and general knowledge about things you’d never ever need to know, and she hates tomatoes – but always has them on her sandwiches (if only just to take them off again).
Jo is also somebody who will always support those around her in times of need, and those who know her also know what an unfailingly kind and understanding person she is.

Quick Q&A with Jo…

– The most important thing a person can be is…

– Tell me something you’re proud of?
My Grandchildren, Henry and Violet

– What kind of biscuit would you be and why?
Fox’s Party Rings! They’re just so moreish, and currently on offer at the supermarket…

– What would you do if you won £10 million on the lottery?
After doing a happy dance, I’d share my winnings between friends and family. I’d then go on holiday and buy a property in Northumberland.

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Jo Whitley

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