What is ‘Quiet Quitting’ and how can you stop it?

man quiet quitting

What is ‘Quiet Quitting’, well the name is somewhat misleading, as employees are still doing exactly what is says in their job description and what is required of them… but that is all that they are doing. The term is becoming more common as a result of employees being asked to do more and more for less and less over the last few years. 

Apps to Upskill Yourself at Home

employee at home working on upskill apps

Don’t know where to begin making that next move? There are so many resources online nowadays to help you upskill at home so we have outlined some of the helpful ones we know about

How can employers create a safe working environment

World mental health day

Workplace stress and mental health are two of the biggest issues facing employees across industries today. While many companies have implemented policies and programs that aim to create a safe environment for their employees, it’s important to remember that these initiatives can only be effective if everyone buys into them

John Rider – Candidate Case Study

“My journey to becoming Founder and Operations Director at CTO (Core Team One) started many years ago when I approached THE Agency (Recruitment) Limited In Cleckheaton in 2007…”

Claire Straney – Case Study

I very recently pondered on the impact of THE Agency (Recruitment) Limited on my life over the last 10 years and I reflected on how my life could have turned out so differently should I have not met the amazing ladies at THE Agency in Cleckheaton.

What is an ISO

When looking for a recruitment agency to work with – what do you look for? A nice website? One with lots of job vacancies? One that talks about current affairs and ‘hot topics’ of the moment? Do you ever consider how their processes work and how these are audited and measured to ensure that you […]

SNF: Client testimonial

A testimony this week from a client that we have been working with from the very beginning, 16 years ago! We are so grateful to now be able to call Jayne a friend after working with each other all this time. ”I have known Kim for 24 years in her role as a professional recruitment […]

Industry update – August 2022

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The landscape for businesses looking to recruit is as difficult as it has been in recent memory, the power has very rapidly shifted to the hands of the candidate, with talent shortages being seen across all sectors in the wake of Covid.