Some thoughts for 2020

Prior to Christmas, with the uncertainty of a looming Brexit deadline and a general election, the North of England saw a significant slowing of growth in permanent vacancies, though an increase in permanent placements was also noted, and higher numbers of temporary vacancies too. Now, with the election behind us and a new year beginning, things in recruitment are set to change again as the outlook for businesses becomes clearer, states the UK report on jobs 2019. Uncertainty seemed to be the theme for 2019, which inevitably impacted on the jobs market, and armed with a little more clarity as we step into 2020 (already half way through January!) things are set to change again. It’s looking positive. Here’s what we know…

Skills Shortages

Some noted skills shortages in a few different areas have meant that there are ample opportunities for those in areas such as Accounting, Human Resources and Administration. Candidates with skills in these areas are likely to be inundated with choice in the coming few months, so keep your eyes on our job boards for a sense of what we’re working on, or give us a call if you think you fit the bill.

Starting Salaries

Permanent role starting salaries have – as a general rule – increased. This is because  employers are seeking to attract more skilled workers for the roles they have on offer, and the North of England was seen to show the highest increase in starting salaries across the UK.

Long term prospects

Last year saw a steady decline in the number of permanent vacancies, but as 2019 came to a close, this decline slowed significantly. We anticipate that permanent vacancies are liable to start increasing again, so that’s great news if you’re looking for something more long term.

Hello, Candidates

Much like employer hesitancy, skilled Candidates were keen to stay put in 2019 due to all the uncertainty around Britain’s political future, and the divisive Brexit debate (which, while we’re sure we’ll hear plenty more about it moving forward, discussion has died down somewhat post-election). Now that things are a little clearer, it’s a good time for talented workers looking for new work to get back on the search for their next career move. 

Busy busy

Companies are starting to spend more again, which is good for both businesses and employees. Pre-election, we saw many businesses tightening purse strings and waiting for election results. Now that this uncertainty has dissipated, they are spending more again. Workloads have also increased along with business confidence, and December 2019 saw staffing levels back on the increase, providing greater opportunities for those looking for a new role, as those who left a business were being replaced more often than not.