Social Distancing

The importance of social distancing 

The term “social distancing” has fast made its way into our everyday speech, but what does it mean, and why is it important? 

According to Public Health England, close and sustained contact (15 minutes or more, less than two metres apart) with an infected person, is likely to spread the virus from one person to another. You don’t have to physically touch an infected person to contract the virus, it can be spread in these conditions simply through speaking. 

Social distancing pertains to the reduction of movement and interaction with people that is non-essential. This has meant that pubs, restaurants, theatres and other mass gathering venues have closed for the time being, in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus, and people have been advised to stay home where possible. 

Social distancing is for everyone, adults and children alike. 

Some basic pointers: 

  • Use public transport alternatives where possible 
  • Work from home when you can 
  • Avoid public gatherings (large and small) 
  • Speak to friends and family over the phone/internet instead of meeting with them face to face 

Why is it important? 

Social distancing isn’t just about keeping yourself safe, it’s about keeping anyone you come into contact with safe too. While some people are more at risk of serious complications with coronavirus than others, we are all responsible for keeping one another safe. 

Safe social distancing 

While it’s important to put some physical distance between one another for the time being, that doesn’t mean that we can’t support one another in other ways. If you live alone, make sure that you’re speaking to friends and family on a daily basis on the phone or over the internet. If you live with others, now is a good time to spend quality time with one another – board games, jigsaws, films… the list goes on for things you might choose to do together, and you can find plenty of suggestions online for safe activities to keep young children occupied too. 

THE Agency and social distancing 

We are complying with the government measures by working from home. The office will be occupied by one person at a time, on a rotation basis.  

As a recruitment agency, we have built a solid reputation on our personable approach. At this time, we have decided it is safest all round to have interviews with Candidates via alternative platforms such as FaceTime. Our processes remain as rigorous and careful as ever, but we are prioritising the health of our staff and Candidates by removing the face to face element for now. 

Sending your CV 

If you are looking for work, we still have some fantastic opportunities that we are currently working on. Email your CV to: 

Stay safe 

Again, we hope that you’re all keeping yourselves safe, and taking the government guidance to stay indoors seriously. We all need to work together at this time, and these small changes to our day-to-day in the short term will make a big difference against the spread of coronavirus.