Our Annual Yorkshire Food Drive

A quick poll around the office as to what our favourite thing about Christmas was, and the answer was unanimous…our annual Food Bank Donation Collection! We love it! 

This year it was extra special for us, being how difficult a time it has been for so many, and how important food bank centres have become in supporting local families in times of crisis with essential items.

Each year we work alongside The Welcome Centre based in Huddersfield and we do our best to surpass our previous year’s donations.

This year we collected almost £1,000 in money donations in addition to the actual food and provisions donations that were given to us. The money collected was spent at a local discounted supermarket where Kim, Jo and Bev made several trips in order to ensure that every penny was spent wisely and in line with the shortages that the Welcome Centre urgently needed to feed families in need. In addition to this many family members, friends and neighbours of Kim’s assisted in organising and preparing the donations ready to deliver on Monday 7th December.

As always, we were met with open arms by Dave the Manager at The Welcome Centre and his team of wonderful volunteers, when we arrived with two cars and a transit van bursting at the seams with our donations – it was and always is such a humbling experience knowing that we are going to be helping The Welcome Centre whom in the past 12 months alone have helped local families by giving out over 10,495 food packs, so we were extremely motivated to help as much as we could.

Driving away from the centre on Monday, knowing that we have by far surpassed our target for this year, we were tearful and emotional – how could we not be. After all, for most of us reading this blog, will be sat around their table on Christmas day surrounded by turkey and all the trimmings, which is a far cry from the basic essentials that we collected for families in need in the area.

If you would like to join in next year, please let Kim know and she will pop you on our mailing list for 2021!

Merry Christmas everyone! and thank you again to everyone who helped us this year…

Kim xx

Kim Barnes – Evans FREC
Managing Director