Leading with Kindness

This month our focus has been all about kindness in the workplace. We have had some great feedback on our posts across our social media platforms, in particular about our lovely leader Kim Barnes Evans. It’s obvious that so many of you have been in receipt of kindness from Kim either professionally or personally over the years, so it seems only fitting to look at the benefits to an organisation when led by kindness.

Kindness and acts of goodness can transform a business…

  • Kindness can increase productivity and satisfaction. Employees who are respectful and kind to each other have 26% more energy; 36% more satisfaction with their work and 44% more commitment to their organisation
  • Kindness can make people healthier. When employees feel safe and secure in their work relationships, they can lower heart rates; lower blood pressure and apparently have stronger immune responses. That means lower absenteeism and fewer sick days
  • Kindness can produce higher-quality work. When employees feel happy and satisfied at work they are more creative
  • Kindness can lower stress levels and increase engagement. A culture of comfort and happiness can increase engagement levels while a culture of fear and pressure does quite the opposite
  • Kindness makes everyone happier. When leaders are happy that trickles down to happier employees, and when employees are happy, they are more willing to put in extra effort and help those around them.

The science of kindness at work – and how to infuse more at yours | HRMorning

We have conducted our own survey with some of our clients and candidates regarding their own experience and value of kindness in their workplace. In our survey 52% ranked in first place that they felt a kind working culture is when their leaders focus on individuals’ strengths rather than weaknesses.

“Kindness is in fact essential to leadership success. Kind leaders act with the best interests of themselves, others, and the organisation. They are supportive, honest, treat their staff equally and set clear expectations of their teams.”

Why is Kindness Important in Leadership? | Engage Leadership

  • Kind leaders are authentic, humble, have high morals and a sense of decency
  • Kind leaders believe that people are at the heart of the organisation
  • Kind leaders are able to increase engagement and empower team members who gradually grow in confidence
  • Kind leaders are not weak they take the time to listen and understand the people around them before acting or making a decision, whilst analysing the consequences of their decision.

The Importance Of Kindness In Leadership – Journey To Leadership (journeytoleadershipblog.com)

Click the links to read the full articles and a must read is this great article from Emily Marsh “There is Strength in Kindness” highlighting the benefits of leadership with kindness…

Being a kind leader doesn’t mean being a weak leader. Organisations should no longer pigeonhole the bold and assertive “Fiery Red”s into leadership roles or label the “Mellow Yellows” by their softer skills and people focus. The world has moved on. Leaders – good leaders – are very capable of making good and strong business decisions, even tough decisions, with kindness.

  • Kind leaders give honest feedback
  • Kind leaders encourage growth
  • Kind leaders are transparent in their decision-making
  • Kind leaders treat people like people

There is strength in kindness: why kind leadership matters (t-three.com)

Jaclyn Lindsey, co-founder of Kindness.org emphasizes that, “Every human has the capacity for kindness. It’s in our genes, relationship, and well-being. Kindness is a choice, reminding people there’s nothing too small to make a difference. It’s up to us how we’re showing up at work.” Even if your work culture doesn’t lead with kindness now, you can make a major difference by the way you engage during tough times and the micro-moments like a kind smile in the hallway or encouraging attention during a meeting. Every act of kindness counts.

Kindness At Work: The New Link To Engagement And Performance (forbes.com)

One small act of kindness can change someone’s day, let’s all be the one making that change!

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