Kim Speaks on Kate Ferdinand’s ‘Blended’ Podcast

podcast with Kate Ferdinand called ‘Blended’.

In February this year, I was extremely proud and honoured to be asked by Mags Creative to be part of a podcast with Kate Ferdinand called ‘Blended’.  I was joined by my amazing daughter Amelia Evans and we had an hour of soul enriching conversation, laughter, tears, and honest and open conversation about our experiences from 2 different viewpoints in our blended family.

For those who know me well, you will know that prior to setting up THE Agency, 19 years ago, I embarked upon one of the biggest challenges of my life, bringing two families together. It was something that I never expected to engulf me with so many different emotions – from love to guilt and grief, to feelings of isolation, anguish and despair – you name it, I felt them all, and quite often all at the same time.

I never imagined that one could be pushed mentally and physically to such a degree – and just by bringing two families together. But it wasn’t just any straight forward family situation, it was one surrounded by the loss and grief of a wife and a mother. A mother to two beautiful girls just 7 and 10 years of age and a childhood sweetheart wife (to my now husband).

19 years ago, we became a blended family. 

Looking back, I know I went in to it with rose tinted glasses – not wanting to replace anyone, but simply wanting to love and support two young girls who had lost their mum very sadly to breast cancer – she was only 36. My relationship with their father started as a friendship, a supportive ear and a shoulder to lean on – but eventually led to love…

For the best part of 10-12 years, it was extremely difficult for all of us and at times we weren’t sure it would actually come together, but thankfully, 19 years later, our blended family is now in a very different place. A solid and loving place.

Kate has created an amazing platform called ‘Blended’ to help and support families coming together in various different ways. It really is a remarkable idea that we were delighted to assist in creating. Kate was extremely warm, kind and supportive to Amelia and I when we opened up (without any prep, rehearsing or prompting) about our journey together in the ‘Barnes – Evans’ household. There was a huge amount of synergy and parallel as we spoke to Kate about our blended family and her own personal experiences over the past 5 years which showed us just how much this podcast is needed and may help others going through the same thing.

I can’t thank Kate enough for choosing us for the interview. Even 19 years later, it’s helped Amelia and I so much. Whilst we are super close today, it has brought us even closer and we will be eternally grateful for the amazing experience and the chance to speak about our blended journey together. 

Have a listen for yourself, we hope that speaking about it like this can help at least one person with their own experience.

Thank you Kate! You are a beautiful lady inside and out and you have certainly helped two blended family veterans – wish you’d been around 19 years ago!

Kim Barnes – Evans