International Day of Happiness

Today is the International Day of Happiness! Isn’t that a lovely thing? The International Day of Happiness is about celebrating happiness and mobilising a global happiness movement. Sounds good doesn’t it!

The International Day of Happiness is inspired by Bhutan, a South Asian country and Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Their way of life – albeit massively simplified here – takes the view that non-economic aspects of wellbeing are just as important as economic ones when it comes to progress of a culture and society. The importance placed on Gross National Happiness has influenced their economic and social policy, including living standards, education and health, cultural diversity and good governance.

In a world that often seems a little too focused on money, this approach is refreshing, and seems to be working, as citizens here are said to be some of the happiest in the world! The United Nations have celebrated the International Day of Happiness since 2013, and many companies and organisations have nodded approvingly in its direction for doing so.

It may seem like a really obvious statement, but happiness in the workplace is really important. Not only because it makes workers more productive, but also because it increases employee satisfaction and improves a company’s reputation. If you’re happier at work, that can spread into other parts of your life too, and actually wanting to get out of bed in a morning to go to work makes all the difference, don’t you think?

So why not make a little effort to spread some joy and happiness in the workplace? We’re not suggesting you prance through the office skipping and singing (unless you really want to), but little gestures can make a big difference for you, and the people around you. In acknowledgement of this especially smiley day, we’ve compiled a list of ‘happiness challenges’, why don’t you see how many you can tick off in the day? Or better yet, extend these challenges beyond today and make it part of your daily routine.

Start your day the night before.

The importance of a good night’s sleep can’t be overestimated! Get yourself a good night time routine (nope, they’re not just for children) and snuggle down to make sure you get your 8 hours when you can. Sleep helps to keep you more alert in the day, and also makes you more productive. Not only that, but it also improves your mood.


Say good morning and greet your colleagues with a smile.

Share a kind word

Giving praise or positive feedback can make a huge difference to someone’s day, so if you get the chance to, why not share the joy?

Offer a helping hand

See a colleague is struggling to meet a deadline and think you’re able to help? Ask if there’s anything you can do. Even if it’s just to make them a cup of tea, small gestures go such a long way.

Donate, if you can

Studies have shown that those who can spare it can make themselves feel happier by donating to a worthwhile cause. Whether it’s donating some money or having a clear out at home and taking things down to your local charity shop, you could make a difference here too.

How we spread a little happiness at THE Agency

In addition to the above, we’re also big believers in the connection between happiness and hugs! Our temporary workers will know that we’re less handshakes and more hugs when we’ve gotten to know you, and there’s some interesting science behind it too! Did you know that when you hug, your body releases Oxytocin (a neuropeptide, or more informally known as ‘a happy hormone’) making you feel good, and even helping to reduce blood pressure, your stress levels and improve your sleep! So, without further ado, spread a little happiness today. 😊