Internal recruitment team vs external agencies.

Many businesses do their own recruitment, but could they be missing out on valuable insight and expertise?

Companies of all sizes are met with the decision of doing their recruitment themselves, or outsourcing to an external agency. 

We will unpick some of the details here, and run through the benefits of both. 

Why use an external agency?

There are a multitude of benefits to using external agencies to do your recruitment for you.

Time, effort & resource

One of the main reasons people outsource is ease! Outsourcing to an external agency that is set up and optimised to find candidates that fit the role you are advertising for makes life much easier than doing the leg work yourself. You can rely on their expertise without your team being lumbered with the work.

Candidate databases

Recruitment agencies have extensive databases of candidates at their fingertips that have been collated over years of experience. Having access to this hugely increases the chance of filling a position quickly, and with the right talent. 

Technical knowledge

Many recruitment agencies specialise in a certain type of position or industry, so often recruiters have a significant depth of knowledge about the skills and requirements for these roles. This means that they may not need to discuss the intricacies of the role with managers beforehand, saving company time.

Fast turnaround

Agencies rely on filling positions to keep their business afloat unlike in-house recruitment teams, so there is a sense of urgency to filling roles. Choosing the right agency is important because this should never overshadow the quality of the candidates. Agencies like THE Agency pride themselves on providing a people-first service where their aim is to fill the position with the right talent rather than just filling it in order to receive their fee. That being said, agencies naturally work faster because of this so you’re guaranteed to have a job filled with the right person quicker with an external agency than an in-house team.

Can your business benefit? 

Businesses of any size and structure can benefit from working with an external agency, both in filling positions, and having an outside perspective on the broader recruitment strategy of the business. 

Some agencies, like THE Agency, also offer a variety of workshops and additional support resources such as redundancy workshops, salary surveys, and weekly onsite clinics all for no extra cost once you become a client. This can be invaluable for a business that might be lacking these expertise in-house.

Can my business do my own recruitment? 

Of course! Many businesses do their own recruitment, and would say there is no need to get an agency involved. The obvious benefit is that you aren’t footing the cost which can be a lot for small businesses. It is heavily dependent on how busy the existing workforce is, and whether they have the time and resources available to them, to find candidates, book interviews, look through CVs and applications to find the right candidate. We often see clients who have embarked on the recruitment themselves, and come to us further down the line when their hunt has been unsuccessful, wasting time and resources along the way. 

We truly feel that the benefits of using a recruitment agency are worth the associated costs. Getting the right people into key positions of a business can be the difference between that business being a success or failure, we don’t think it is something to be overlooked. The increased reach and expert screening of candidates, can save days of company time, whilst ensuring that at the end of the process the right person is placed.