Celebrating 14 Amazing Years!

THE Agency turns 14 this year, so what better time to thank our wonderful candidates and clients for their support and business over the last 14 years. 

2006 saw the arrival of THE Agency by Founder and Managing Director Kim Barnes-Evans – with 30 years of industry experience she wanted to build and nurture a recruitment agency with people at the heart of it. 

This ethos has never changed, over the last 14 years her corporate colours, website, and hairstyle may have changed, but the passion and commitment to the people is unwavering. 

THE Agency strongly believes in developing relationships, their exceptional high standards professionalism is reflected in their accreditations and success. 

Spend a day with the team at THE Agency and you will experience kindness, laughter, an undeniable passion for the business, and cake – lots of cake! 

To celebrate these 14 years, Kim has shared with us her top 14 lessons that have been learnt since starting THE Agency:

  1. It’s not a job – it’s a life choice. Being responsible for a growing recruitment agency is really a lifestyle rather than a job. Not one day is the same as the other, I come away having learnt something new, whether that’s from a client or candidate I have met, or about myself. I wouldn’t change what I do for the world.
  2. The extra mile is worth it.  It’s the added extras that can mean the most, be memorable. 
  3. No job is beneath the Managing Director. Getting stuck in inspires others.
  4. Be unique. You need to stand out for the right reasons.
  5. Be kind. How often have you met someone and without even talking you feel a positive energy coming off them? People respond and can detect quickly a kind heart. 
  6. Be respectful.  The fine line between kindness and being a pushover is being respectful. 
  7. Plan ahead – have a clear plan of where you are going, but be prepared to act in the moment. 
  8. Make time for yourself and your family. Everyone  needs downtime.
  9. Competition is good. Be gracious to your competitors they are helping you grow. 
  10. Laughter is essential. Productivity increases exponentially when you are feeling good and happy in the workplace
  11. Be a good role model. You could have a future leader on your hands
  12. Always be open and honest.. transparency is the key to making a relationship work
  13. Be open about your development areas – don’t think of your weaknesses as being failures, think of them as being something to work towards and to add to your list of strengths
  14. Cake. Cake is the way forward, if in doubt, get the cake out!

And a PS for the coming year…. Nothing is forever, so love and cherish it whilst it’s yours…