Kindness in The Workplace

Here is our Queen of Kindness as she started her journey in this crazy world of recruitment in August 1988.

REC Compliance Passed With Flying Colours

ISO 9001:2015 AccreditedThe Agency always takes pride in the quality of our service delivery and standards.We are fully audited annually to ensure consistency and accuracy on our service delivery and internal processes year on year.We are delighted to confirm that once again we are ISO 9001: 2015 accredited for another year. REC (Recruitment and Employment […]

What Is A Nana Nap?

There is lots of talk this week on the subject of the future of work and how it will look going forward. The health and well-being of our workforce has never being more of a priority with the ability in some industries to Work From Home or take the Hybrid alternative, whereas other industries can’t […]

Apps to Upskill Yourself at Home

employee at home working on upskill apps

Don’t know where to begin making that next move? There are so many resources online nowadays to help you upskill at home so we have outlined some of the helpful ones we know about

How can employers create a safe working environment

World mental health day

Workplace stress and mental health are two of the biggest issues facing employees across industries today. While many companies have implemented policies and programs that aim to create a safe environment for their employees, it’s important to remember that these initiatives can only be effective if everyone buys into them

Industry update – August 2022

Women working in a cafe

The landscape for businesses looking to recruit is as difficult as it has been in recent memory, the power has very rapidly shifted to the hands of the candidate, with talent shortages being seen across all sectors in the wake of Covid.

Importance of having a work bestie!

Work best friends chat socially in the office

You don’t need to spend every minute together—but having someone who knows what it’s like to be in your shoes makes the daily grind easier.

How To Overcome The Talent Shortage

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Professionals believe in their value so much so that they’re willing to leave their jobs without having another lined up and 74% of professionals believe that employee turnover will only increase in the coming year.

So how do you survive? Here’s a few tips.