Business Kick Off Meeting 2022

On Monday afternoon THE Agency (Recruitment) Ltd team got together for their 2022 Business Plan Kick Off meeting.

As always Kim liked to keep the team in suspense and kept the venue a secret until 10 minutes before – and then welcomed the team into her home for 3 hours of fun, laughter, food and of course the serious stuff – planning for the year ahead. Donning T-shirts and a smile, the day could only get better. The team were excited to be together for some fun and frivolity. Oh and of course some serious business stuff too!

Starting off with the teams favourite fast food (McDonalds) to give them the sustenance that they needed for an afternoon of team games, individual presenting and collaborating on the key focus for 2022.

The team were delighted to welcome Ellie on her first Business Plan Kick Off and having been given a task last week to update our Carbon Footprint and Environmental Policy – Ellie delivered a first-classpresentation to the group focusing on how we could continue with our commitment to and day to day impact on the environment. For a novice, Ellie displayed confidence, a sound case and new ideas and suggestions for how we could move forward with our Green Policy – well done Ellie!

Jo, Bev and Kim all presented and reflected upon the past 2 years and celebrated the huge successes and the ‘business as usual’ approach that underpinnedeverything they did during the pandemic and challenges of the past couple of years.

They also discussed with the team the strategy for 2022 based around Our People, Our Clients, Our Candidates and Our Profile in the marketplace – with a clear vision and plan for ensuring that we continued to offer a service that stood out from the crowd, working alongside our external associates who help support our business throughout the year.

A couple of team games brought the competitive spirit alive with Jo winning the Marshmallow and Spaghetti game…never heard of it? Google it, it’s not as easy as it looks!

On a more serious note, as the market remains very candidate driven with their expectations at an all-time high, the team looked at ways of managing expectations of both candidates and clients and how they could ensure that service levels remained at the forefront of their minds. Focusing on internal and external training for the team, our social media presence and our commitment to our accreditations with the REC and our ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards.

The afternoon was rounded up with a cup of tea and a giggle reflecting on the fabulous afternoon that was brought together by a team that is without doubt extremely talented, passionate, knowledgeable and committed to their craft.